Walking With Dinosaurs!

Are you ready for the adventure?
Join Metassic as we journey to a world of living, breathing, life-like Dinosaurs.
Walk with us through the Jurassic era on an unforgettable interactive experience as we introduce you to some of the most incredible species ever to have lived on Earth.

Jurassic Metaverse

Dinosaurs Adventure

Feel the excitement of meeting real life-like Dinosaurs face-to-face and hearing the tremendous roar of a T-Rex. Learn their history and even feed them but watch out! You could be on the menu.

The Greatest Prehistoric Show on Earth

This awe-inspiring stage show captivates both young and young at heart, immersing audiences in an enthralling & realistic world of Dinosaurs. You won’t want to miss this adventure of a lifetime, so hold onto you hats as this show will blow you away!






Metassic Period

Token Presale

● Presale quantity: 1,500,000,000 METASSIC (30%).

● Minimum Buy = 0.01 BNB.

● Maximum Buy = 10 BNB.

● Rate Sale: 0.01 BNB = 10,000 METASSIC.

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  • Token Symbol:


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  • Token Based:

    Binance Smart Chain BEP-20

  • Token Total Supply:

    5,000,000,000 METASSIC

  • Token Presale:

    1,500,000,000 METASSIC

  • Token Softcap:

    1000 BNB

  • Token Hardcap:

    5000 BNB

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Metassic Modes

Tokens Distribution






Metassic Platform

Meet the Dinosaurs!

Take a trip to a dinosaur inhabited island for an intense Jurassic World VR gaming adventure. Use the game-themed motion controller to fend off hungry Dinosaurs in the jungle or hold off a pursuing T-Rex as you speed towards the Visitor’s Center. Can you complete your mission and make it to the rendezvous point, or will you be devoured by the island’s most dangerous predators?

Road Map

Metassic team plans to develope the Explorer Mode of Metassic first, and for the other modes, the roadmap will be updated.

Project Start

Launch The Project & Issue The METASSIC Token

Contract Verification

Presale Announcement

Airdrop Program

Q1 2022

Platform Development

Expand Marketing Efforts

Deployment of Metassic Explorer Mode

Q2 2022

Exchanges Listing

Listing on Pancakeswap.

Launch Swap Platform, Staking Program and Liquidity Pool

2nd Marketing Expand the network Campaign

Listing on the top Exchanges

Q3 2022

Platform Beta Launch

Launch of Metassic Explorer Mode

3rd Marketing Campaign

Roadmap update for other Metassic Modes

Q4 2022

Metaverse Jurassic

You’ll travel 80 million years into the past to find traces of an unknown dinosaur species. Explore the jungle and meet many iconic dinosaurs in person, fly with pteranodons and be the ones to discover the legendary dinosaur.